Home Enema Basics – Colon Cleansing Pointers

The practice of colon cleansing by way of enema delivers a host of advantages to both our health and wellness. Introducing enema as part of a comprehensive wellness regimen will not only flush away impacted fecal matter, but also work towards improving the functioning of vital organs including the liver, the digestive system, immune system and the integumentary system just to name a few. Detoxifying through a home enema is a natural, inexpensive, and effective way to improve your quality of life.

What is the best enema solution for weight loss?

One major reason why enema is gaining in popularity is because of the weight loss benefits it provides. Men and women are now replacing diet pills, fad diets, and workouts with regular enemas.

Performing an enema for weight loss is a fast and easy way to remove debris and accumulated waste from the colon.  This elimination of waste takes up to 5 kilos off your body weight. Based on enema reviews, you can lose up to 10 kilos in just a few weeks if you perform an enema at least twice weekly over a four-week detox period.

Patients have the option of choosing between distilled water and coffee as a flushing agent. If you want additional health benefits, we highly recommend doing a coffee enema. Besides the weight loss benefits, coffee enema detoxifies the liver, improves the digestive function, and increases nutrient absorption.

Ideally, first-timers are advised to do a pure water enema first as this is more gentle. There will be some degree of discomfort when performing this procedure. But over time, you will get used to the sensation and finish cleansing in 30 minutes or less.

Where to buy enema supplies?

A home enema kit consists of a few basic tools and components. A metal bucket is a good investment especially if you plan on performing an enema regularly. Pick an enema kit with medical-grade materials such as silicone for the tubing. Nozzles and clamps should be made from quality plastic, whilst the coffee should be sourced from certified organic coffee growers.    

A top-of-the-line home enema kit is a good investment for your wellness. We offer a wide range of home enema kits that can be used for clear water and coffee enemas. We also sell coffee solutions from the finest suppliers of organic coffee beans. Visit Enemakits.com.au today!