What Makes Micro Needling So Popular Today?

It has only been a few years since Vogue initially promoted microneedling as the next most beautiful thing in skincare. Despite its unrefined starts, the beauty-forward publication explained that the concept of producing tiny incisions in the skin to spur collagen growth was nothing new. However, with advancements in innovation, microneedling was developing itself as the anti-aging go-to treatment.

Following Vogue’s prediction of skin care trends in 2016, the interest in microneedling has continued to skyrocket. Google queries for microneedling continue to climb hinting that more and more people are considering the procedure.

What is the essential factor more and more individuals want to go under the “needle”?

The response is two-fold. First, most in-office microneedling treatments don’t have the same amount of downtime that a CO2 or fractional laser typically requires. Second, for skin doctors, medical health spas and plastic surgery centres alike, this treatment is an ideal alternative for patients that wish to lower wrinkles and tighten up skin but do not like to get botox or fillers.

Using skin pen for micro-needling and similar devices, the collagen that a patient produces are naturally their own which makes it an attractive choice for any patient seeking to improve the look and texture of their skin.

The Future of Microneedling

Whether you use Dermapen 4 for skin needling or any of the home microneedling devices, one needs to consider the safety and durability of the product on offer. It is safe to say that skin needling represents the future of skin care treatment as consumers are aiming to set procedures with cosmeceuticals and general “experiences” that don’t have to sacrifice experience in exchange for results and reduced down times.

With proven client demand and an ROI unlike any other aesthetic procedure,  Microneedling is a win-win for skin care clinics and patients alike. Of course, the only way to comprehend the significance of the latter is to experience it yourself.